Emergency EXIT


I am sitting on a Greyhound, only because the kind employee guided me through my phone’s malfunction to check me in and get me in line for the currently boarding bus, even though she was presently being cursed out by a dissatisfied person in the depot. I can’t imagine a bad experience on a bus. I am a bus fool.

Would you believe that I got two seats to myself? And I could bring my duffle and backpack along, no charge. I trust this bus with my life, because my customer experience is unparalleled.

From the Patagonia backpack hand-me-down, I have my blue fleece after prom blanket, and the blue worm pillow, IKEA circa 2002. Also a noisy water bottle, because the barista put ice in it.

Is this cha-cha blaring loudly to the whole bus? Or is it just in my head?

In this moment I feel true motivation to tie up unfinished business and take full advantage of the life I’ve built for myself. An overnight bus to a different city with some clothes and a laptop…I’m no Madeline Gall, but I do my best.

McKenzie MerrimanComment