this mf’ing bike… is wonderful

Don’t ever let your bike hear you talking shit. She is always listening, and will throw you to the ground with a leg full of chain bites as a lesson. When the heavy frame and rusty handlebars make the Cleveland inclines even harder than they have to be, stop yourself from cursing the steed, and instead say “this…. motherfucking bike…. is wonderful.”

Be grateful for the bike you have, because you’ll never long for the hunk of junk more than the moment you realize it’s not where you left it.

My grandpa snapped this photo, a girl on her machine.

My grandpa snapped this photo, a girl on her machine.

Whenever a bike has been cruelly taken from me, I try to remind myself that whoever it was that stole the bike probably needs it more than I do. Also, I am lucky to come from one of Ohio City’s most iconic cyclists; Bill Merriman. Within the hour, he has me on a spare bike in better condition than the faithful green machine gifted to me by MJ, another Bike God of Cleveland.

A Declaration: By the end of August 2019, I will have the bike I deserve. I will lock it twice and have all the lights I require. I will carry it in my arms to bed every night.

McKenzie Merriman