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0:00/9:00am. Woke up on the fold out couch bed. It’s closer to the air conditioner and that’s where I fell asleep last night. Forgot that Kate hadn’t slept over when I got up to turn the light off at 4am. A breakfast bowl, activewear and a Daily Mix featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Rico Nasty and H.E.R.

11:00am Rolled out my yoga mat in the side yard at transformer station. Feeling overwhelming right-to this-place, or at least freedom to occupy. Within minutes, a deranged white man in a black hoodie and sunglasses goes walking down the street, screaming about equality? Something unsettling.

11:35 beautiful walk down the street, early for yoga, go figure. So I cross over to “reading is a treat” and see what they have to offer, other than three benches seated directly in the sun.


12:00 Yoga, intense and sweaty

1:00 break fast with drinks


2:15 Find myself pissing dangerously close to my sandal, barely hidden among the trees of Rocky River Reservation. We couldn’t find a decent place to bury the pile of sweatshirts, nor could any of us identify an oak tree. The shirts reek of bad man energy. Surprised with a double dose of sisterhood, with Madeline and Abby by my side.

5:00 Researching how to burn things, led me to the two very different but interesting articles: How to do a Burning Ritual and How To Host a Safe and Enjoyable Ex-boyfriend Burning Party.

7:30 Burning ritual. Release the attachments that don’t serve you and invoke the reality you want to live.

Items Madeline released

Items Madeline released

Today was the perfect kick-off for a six week personal endeavor, working to refine my routine, hone my habits and see real results by August 17th.

Will I do it? Will I fail?? Only I can say!