embarking on the last week of june

Saturday, I worked my first shift at a new job, and afterwards rewarded myself with a few drinks at the beginning of the alphabet. I happened to choose the empty barstool right in front of the sexy barback, who coincidentally knows the used car salesman in the barstool next to me. This used car salesman hit on me for about an hour without ever asking my name. He tells me that my tattoos are cute and that I look away when I laugh, with a twinge of manic pixie dream girl presumption. I slip away, and bike home happily alone.


Sunday morning I found myself in two yoga classes, and then walking down to the pool to meet my family. Then, at a family friend’s graduation party, I maybe divulge too much about work, finances and my plan. I guess if I’m faulted for anything, I want it to be because I said too much, rather than not speaking up.

The night ended with a packed patio visit to the end of the alphabet with two of my lifelong female friends and an acquaintance. We told stories, held each other, ate pizza. As I walked out the back patio, I saw one of my Cleveland Crushes out the corner of my eye, and proceeded to dream about him all night.


Now, here I am, back on a Monday, reflecting on what I want, what I need, the time I have and the people around me. I want to make the most of it all, while still finding time to enjoy it. I leave Thursday night for a long weekend in Tall Timbers, Maryland, and before we know it, a new month will be here.