impact driver


An excellent follow-up to lifting for the first time in months is spending the next day building platforms in a full-contact tech workshop at Near West Theatre. My body exhausted, I laid down for a quick twenty minute nap turned two hour nap.

After a slap on the face and a little pick-me-up, I was ready for the Monday night house party. I was only given an address (2 minutes away, on the road my childhood best friend grew up on) and a time frame (9-midnight). Unsure if who or what I was getting myself into, I dressed ready to retreat to Planet Fitness if needed. As expected, the party went past midnight and I didn’t go to the gym.

It was a goodbye party for a lifelong friend who is going on a cross country bike trip. We wish him the best, really. I want him to find safety and security on the other side of this trip.

It’s nice to know I still have a good old fashioned house party deep down inside me. Here are a few images:

  • Lots of wook on wook action

  • Three men I have been actively attracted to, and had zero conversation with

  • A lucid loco

  • Walking home with Mo

  • Box of mac

McKenzie Merriman