weekend of diligence

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This incredible weekend started with my third bagel in 24 hours. A simple yet beautiful toasted everything bagel with plain cream cheese. After sharing a joyful bagel breakfast with my dear friend Abby, we drove over to Cleveland Heights for a final push in the cleaning project we’ve been working on at her apartment.


She (and others) claim that I could charge people ‘a lot of money’ to help clean, organize and de-clutter, but I would always rather do it for friends at a cheap rate and a celebratory dinner after. We sorted through the final big pieces; bins of personal papers, arranging bookshelves, kitchen cleaning. Finally, we basked in the glory of a clean apartment for a good, long time.

We celebrated with dinner at Xinji and agreeing to sign up for a Thursday pole class at Cleveland Exotic Dance. Spending time with Abby inspires me. Her philosophy, ease of adventure, cutting and clear communication… my heart feels at home with her.


After Abby’s Sunday morning departure, I read my tarot regarding my strength training and how to achieve my goal of regularly lifting weights because:

  • I want to be stronger

  • I want to look stronger

  • I want to look like I mean business

  • I want to look hot

  • It will make me better at my job

  • It is something I am already good at and one shouldn’t squander a talent

The spread I used from an old Biddy Tarot screenshot on Pinterest is ambitiously titled Manifest Your Wildest Dreams, and the cards landed the following ways:

  1. Where am I now in relation to my goal? THREE OF WANDS

  2. How am I in relationship with my goal? FIVE OF PENTACLES

  3. What do I need to release? THE HERMIT

  4. What do I need to grow? THE DEVIL

  5. What steps can I take? SIX OF WANDS

  6. What lesson will I need to master? ACE OF SWORDS

  7. What might I experience in the next 6-12 months? TEN OF PENTACLES

This reading revealed a few solutions to me; I’m definitely in a place of expanding my fitness horizons and motivations, even though I’m broke as a joke. I need to let go of this obsession with finding and honoring the truest practice, or the best routine. I am better suited letting loose in the gym, letting self-absorption take over, and finding motivation in pride and success. This can be achieved through MENTAL FORCE, accepting responsibility, and taking advantage of what I have now, rather than putting it all off for later.

That being said, I took some time in the afternoon to walk to my neighborhood Planet Fitness, nestled in the heart of Ohio City in one of my most personal buildings in the city; the old Unique Thrift. My quick jaunt down the street to the gym was extended into a 1 mile walking warmup, thanks to motivation from my favorite fitness blogger Sarah’s Day and a very long Marco Polo from my sweet angel Anna. Once arriving to Planet Fitness, I let instinct take over:

Listening to bad idea by Ariana Grande got me through the five minute, 1000 meter row to warm up

On to the Gucci Mane and TRX straps for a superset low row and overhead squat for 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and then back to 12 reps.

Then my classic favorite single arm dumbbell row with 30 lbs. for 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps.

Followed by dumbbell chest press, with 15 lbs. each arm for 5x10.

And just for fun, a superset of lat pull down and modified push up for 3x12 at 55 lbs. and five push-ups.

Finally, I cool off by walking on the treadmill at 3.5 incline, 3.5 mph for 10 min.

Sunday night was punctuated by an incredible birthday dinner for a new friend, Mattie. Maggie picks us up and we meet Mo. The M’s ate at Pacific East. I continue to be blown away by the beauty, kindness and positivity of good friendships.

Other images from today:

  • hearing my youngest brother say “what’s french toast?” at the father’s day brunch. we may never understand each other

  • a golden vintage butterfly top

  • a bike, locked all day. not unlike a horse kept tethered

  • a brand new, neon yellow phone case /fanny pack from uncle david

I decided to make a short playlist of the songs I’ve hidden in this blog post. Enjoy if you’d like: