trying to spend more time posting less.

I think if I remove myself from time spent mindlessly scrolling, and instead use my screen time to log my thoughts, share my images, and put things out into the world that belong to me as much as possible… or is it more about putting what I own out there, into the world?


Get your bearings

Today I asked my grandpa for help figuring out the issue with the front of my bike. The section where handlebars meet the ‘fork tube’ was rusted to a crisp, and the bike had started making its own decisions about when and when not to turn. He quickly cranked the thing apart and pulled out two busted-ass, barnacle-covered ball bearings. As I went off to buy two replacements from Joy Machines (less than $5), he went to fetch a tin of US Army Artillery Grease to lube up my bike after quickly putting it all back together.

Other images from tonight:

  • a cancellation text from a man who doesn’t please me to begin with

  • generous glass of wine in a French cafe

  • beautiful lesbians laugh that I use the word ‘tin’ to describe wet cat food, not to mention for the second time in this post

  • sticking around post-closing at two different places

  • box of mac