close to home

"I will never leave you
I'm everything you made me
Even when you break me down
The water always saves me
I could never leave you
I'm only what you make me
Even though you break my heart
The water's gonna save me"

-Jamila Woods, LSD

Although this song is about Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, how could a Clevelander listen to LSD by Jamila Woods and not think of the soul-cleansing, constant presence of Lady Lake Erie. 

I've been riding this rollercoaster of emotions lately (see: my entire life). "I can't stand this city, it's the harshest mirror I've ever known", or "Cleveland is the only one who understands me", to "None of these motherfuckers know anything."

Every corner reeks of the past. The alleys, parks, streetlights... they've been the truest witnesses to my decisions, lies, memories. This city was always been watching, and always will be.

To leave would mean being somewhere that hasn't seen every inch of who I am, everything I have a problem with. 


Also, I got a mouse.