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A blog post.

I am now mckenzie-merriman.com, not mckenziemerriman.com, which is now some sort of dead Tumblr grave-site that I can't seem to figure out how to reclaim.

Today while I was sitting in one of the galleries where I've started working, I found myself listening to this album:

Now I can't stop. I got home from work, and started waiting for my friends. I blew through the first chapter of the new Life is Strange game the week it came out, and my phone screen is shattered so I can't really play Candy Crush as much... which is probably better for everyone. I did play a few hours of solitaire today; spider, free cell and klondike. Long story short, I had exhausted most of my 'play' things, and was bored. I eventually decided to play with the beat making app on Branden's iPad.

I have a few songs that I've managed to squeeze out in the past, including a horrific cover of the Law and Order: SVU theme song that devolves into an off beat crashing sound for 2 minutes. I don't quite have the brain for music, yet. I can appreciate and follow music, but the learning/playing/singing/making/writing music part of my brain is all blocked up and scared and insecure. Thankfully, Branden and our dear friend Tom are very supportive of my musical endeavors, to the point where I hope to some day, some how, put together a soundcloud album of music I've made all on my own (probably on aforementioned beat app). It's definitely going to be not-great music, but putting something out there would feel like riding a bike: getting over an irrational fear of letting myself go. 

I tried to follow along with one of the Isaac Hayes songs from above and there is absolutely nothing that resembles music happening on my end. I don't understand building a song at all (which is why I'm the most quiet member of Rock Hopkins) and boy does it show.

All in due time, I guess. 

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