a play in development

a play in development

McKenzie Merriman’s new adaption of the 1850’s Russian classic A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev. Audience members are invited in the Islayev estate of Natalie, a bored housewife, toys with the emotions of her close friend Michael while ignoring her husband and lusting over Alex, a new tutor on the family's estate.


September 13-14

Private Workshop Performance and Installation Viewing

SPACES, 2900 Detroit Ave.

For more information email merrimanmckenzie@gmail.com



Character Breakdown

Natalie— late 20’s, female

Main character. Dramatic, bored, and delirious.

Essential skills: improvisation, audience engagement

Husband— mid 30’s, male

Her husband.

Essential skills: improvisation, audience engagement

Kolya— early teens, male/female/non-binary *

Their child.

Michael— late 20’s, male.

Their friend, tutor of the child. Tortured heart.

Essential skills: improvisation, audience engagement

Alex— early 20’s, male/female/non-binary*

New, uninterested tutor.

Vera— late teens/early 20’s, female

Ward of the estate.

Sascha— late 40’s, male/female/non-binary*

The neighbor.

Two housekeepers

Facilitate majority of audience engagements and intermission entertainment, referred to within as HK, (HK1 and HK2.) Essential skills: character acting, improvisation, audience engagement, singing, musical instruments.*

*modify all pronouns to actor’s preference

 Want to discuss how you can be a part of this project?

email merrimanmckenzie@gmail.com